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SCENAR Training Dose 5 & Meridians

D5 or Dose 5 is a diagnostic mode in the Professional Scenar devices which can be purchased from our website.  Some call it a revolutionary  way of measuring the meridians with hand held device that can also help create a strategy for a 3 dimensional well being program, depending on your expertise and level of training.

SCENAR Training

SCENAR Training D5 & Meridians Basic 1 day

Essential Skills to Advance your Practice

We can support national and international students through Zoom live training.

Who should come? Who have completed Level 1 training.

  • Traditional, conventional, alternative, complementary, integrative holistic, acupuncturist, holistic, sports, and medical practitioners.
  • Kinesiologists – Great foundation for adapting SCENAR D5 into your practice, using measurement of meridians with SCENAR Pro Device.
  • Anyone who is looking for a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, a quick and easy to learn pain relief therapy.


A place where you can achieve in depth D5 training for your practice which incorporates both western and eastern holistic practices, acupuncturists, Kinesiologists anyone who wishes to adopt this valuable tool.

The D5 Training with Mila who has over 20 years experience in Kinesiology, trained by Dr Charles Krebs in LEAP and trainer for Energetic Structure of Man, lecturer and trainer for SCENAR.  These D5 series training exclusive from AIESP, blends her insights into providing the practitioner a deeper knowledge of the ancient eastern holistic acupuncture meridian system, Chakras and Nadis to help stimulate the bodies ability to self-heal.  These tools has be helped many individuals who were “stuck” and getting no results where then able to create the shift needed.

Welcome to SCENAR Training D5 & Meridians Intro

What you will Learn…

Internatonal Workshop Zoom training available.

Dose 5 What is it?

Learn what is D5 in relation to your SCENAR training and how to use in your practices.

Learn How to Assess

Proper assessment training is Vital to obtain accurate results. How to prepare your client.

12 Major Meridians

Influence with SCENAR application through the end points and Nakatani map

When to Use

When treating other methods are not effective enough or to have a diagnostic.

Ying Yang Flow

The balance of Ying Yang syndrome

Methods of Balance

Here you will learn basic SCENAR methods of application and Mila’s own kinesiological application.



Course Outline…

This level 1 (or Part 1) workshop is from series of SCENAR Energetic training by Mila Godwill of how to use the D5 mode in SCENAR and assess the reaction/responsiveness of the bodies meridians. In this SCENAR D5 course you will learn how take readings on your SCENAR professional devices that have the D5 mode and how to treat the organism of the body.

This course is highly recomended for anyone who is looking to add a more linear approach to balancing the meridians of the body especially, kinesiologists, Sports Pain relief, Accunpuncturist, energy workers.  Those who wish to understand the relationship of the body and energy can take advance courses to balance not only the meridians but, the muscles, chakras, aura etc. in the from the SCENAR Energetic series, level 1 to 4.

Instead of using the muscle to monitor technique often used by Kinesiologists we use the SCENAR to measure the readings of the 12 meridians.  These readings are then automatically plotted by SCENAR flagship devciethe to deduce the mode of treatment and which meridian, organ has the priority.


In this Level 1 course you will learn:

Learn in depth expertise methods of influence to stimulate the bodies ability to physis through the D5.

  • The 24 meridian points on where to take the readings
  • How to correctly take the readings
  • How to Assess the Meridians
  • How to interpret the readings into Meridians
  • How to deduce the readings from the SCENAR meridian readings from the SCENAR Display Graph and table.
  • The 12 Major Meridians
  • The Missing 2 Meridians (2 day version)
  • Concept of Ying & Yang
  • Balancing the 12 Meridians
  • Recommended treatments from SCENAR training.
  • Mila Method 1 – End to End (2 day version)
  • You will also learn how to integrate Dose 5 into your practice.
  • Which areas to treat.
  • How to accelerate chronic symptoms that may need meridian balance.
  • The 1 day workshop principals from SCENAR.
  • The 2 day workshop 2nd day is part of the SCENAR Energetic training by Mila Godwill where we go deeper into the meridians and other methods of balance.

Learn How to use provocation methods to produce a response from the body.  Help Improve the bodies adaptive system.  These techniques are often used to help “re-boot” or give a “kick-Start” to the bodies self healing abilities.  These can often be used also to create dynamic of change to a chronic condition.

Learn the Location of influence through the Bio Feedback observations.

As SCENAR therapy is a holistic health approach further learn what it means to treat the clients painful or uncomfortable symptoms – independent of their conventional medical diagnosis.

Note: We do not treat diseases nor do we claim to successfully eradicate illness. By focusing SCENAR therapy on uncomfortable symptoms we stimulate the body’s inert healing mechanisms – which more often than not dissolve symptoms that make a clinical, conventional diagnosis.

Pre-requisite: None –  Level 1 Professional Training preferable.

1 Day USD $450.00 SCENAR Dose 5 Application
2 Day USD $750.00 (discounted from $850) with Meridian and Holistic Theory with extra protocols

Continue your SCENAR Training

You may on enroll on any of the specialised courses, Sports Injuries, Woman’s Health, Aesthetics, All Levels SCENAR , etc.

THE Dose 5 Level 2 is where you will learn advance energetics concepts of the human body and how to treat the 2 extra merdians.


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Mila Godwill, AIESP Has developed Specialised D5 Training for balancing merdians, chakras and the energetic aspects of the human body please contact us for more info.







SCENAR Advance

SCENAR Advance

Level 2

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