Akury Information Chips – Frequently Asked Questions?

May 27, 2020

Frequently Asked questions

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Information provided by AKury GmBh

1. What do Akury information chips look like?

Akury information chips consist of approximately 0.1 mm thick hologram aluminum foil of high quality. They are unmistakable and counterfeit-proof.


2. How do I use the respective Akury information chips?

For mobile devices, lay the akury chip loosely between the battery and the housing. For example, with a cell phone, the chip is glued to the battery or the outside or inside of the battery cover. With the cordless telephone, wireless LAN or babyphone, the akury chip should also be glued directly in the vicinity of the batteries of the handsets. For pets, the pendant is attached to the collar. Within the living rooms, the collar should be placed with the trailer in the dog basket or sleeping place. Interestingly, the effect of the chip near the battery is highest.


3. Can I continue to use Akury chips?

Yes, if you have not attached the chip to your mobile device with a super glue or similar. Carefully loosen, do not kink and insert into the new terminal.


4. How long do the Akury chips work?

Observations over a period of 7 years show a lasting duration of action. We assume a minimum period of 6 years.


5. Do the Akury information chips emit rays themselves?

No, that’s why the chip has no battery or circuits. In view of the proven effects of the chip, one can speak of an information-biologically active component. It is a transmaterial catalyst according to Prof. Dr. med. Arnim Bechmann (Zukunfts-Zentrum-Barsinghausen) ie the biocatalytic, health-promoting effect is not based on the material itself, but on the impressed information.


6. Are akury information chips shielding rays?

No, akury chips do not shield radiation, nor do they affect device performance. This would not make sense, because then mobile phones would have to increase the transmission power to get back into clear contact with the recipient.


7. Can I carry Akury information chips on my skin?

There is no reason for that.


8. Are akury information chips a medicine?

The akury chips are not drugs in the sense of the drug law.


9. Are akury information chips a medical device?

The akury chips are not a medical device in the sense of the Medical Devices Act. akury products do not replace the doctor.


10. Is the effect of the akury information chips guaranteed?

We can not and should not express or give a guarantee for the effect. Our conviction and experience speak for a lasting positive effect. However, the occurrence of this effect also depends on the personal circumstances and the circumstances of the environment. This influences how and how quickly a noticeable effect occurs.


11. How can I check the effect of the akury information chips on me?

Doctors, non-medical practitioners and therapists who have a bioresonance meter, EEG, biofunctional system diagnostics with the IMEDIS expert system or electroacupuncture equipment, who are in control of vegatest diagnosis with organ vials or kinesiology, are able to demonstrate the effect. Please note, to make a traceability before and after comparison.


12. How are akury information chips made?

Biologically effective frequencies are transferred to the carrier foil during production (similar to a sound carrier which has electroacoustically reproducible sound frequencies imprinted on it, without these being able to be recognized by an elementary analysis of the material – note by the author). The main application of the product is the biologically beneficial effect of radio waves by attaching the chip to mobile phones and other RF transmitters.


13. What is the difference between akury information chips and products from other manufacturers?

The effectiveness of the akury chips is evidenced by a scientifically recognized study. The physical effectiveness by EEG (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) and thermal images, the proof of effect by the dark field blood diagnosis and the coherence spectroscopy of water (Dr. Walter Medinger) were provided.


14. Mobile devices are supposed to emit less and less energy – do I need anything like shielding or “suppression”?

It is true that the mobile industry is constantly trying to reduce emissions to stay below regulatory limits. Where the discussion about the level of the limits is a completely different topic. The partial shielding of a mobile phone is not really useful, because it can happen in a real phone call that the emissions are even stronger than without shielding, since the radio link (with the next “mobile mast”) must always be maintained with a certain minimum intensity , If it is undershot, the mobile phone automatically switches to the next higher power level and then “beams” more intensively.

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