Cook’s Hook Up – Helping Relax, calm and reset your polarity
Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

Cook’s Hook Up – Helping Relax, calm and reset your polarity

by Mila Royale Godwill BSc (Hons) GIA GD AJP JD

Relaxes, calms and resets your polarity

Helps to to get a sense of clarity, especially when you keep taking the wrong directions! Are your turning right when someone sense left? Try this it may help:

Step 1
Cross one leg over the other at the ankles.
Cross the arm on the same side over the other at the wrists, palms facing each other.
Now hold your hands and roll them down to rest on your chest. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Step 2
Unroll and uncross and make a roof of your hands so that the fingers of one hand touch those of the other, as do your thumbs. Breathe deeply.

Lazy Eights

Lazy Eights Involves eyes and visual centres of the brain
May help with dyslexia and learning difficulties
Known to enhances hand and eye co-ordination

A lazy eight is the figure eight lying on its side. (this is also an infinity sign)
Do them slowly and deliberately.

For eyes:

Use both hands linked together so that a triangle is formed, look through the triangle, and RAISE HANDS TO THE LEFT starting the figure at the centre. Make the eights as big as you can. If you have any difficulties with particular letters or numbers base them on the lazy eight pattern and repeat frequently.

For Ears:

a) Unfurl your ears three times (Unfold the rim of the ear starting at the top and working round and down to the lobe.)

b) As for eyes, but drop one arm, raise your shoulder and put your ear against the outstretched arm. Do lazy eights. Repeat on the other side



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