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So what do you want to do better? Is it something physical? Get rid of aches, pains and fatigue, Beauty, Anti Ageing? Excel in Business, Sports Performance? academic or artistic?            Perhaps it might be better personal relationships? Whatever it is, it is bound to be affected by your stress levels.


A systems level appraoch on an holistic basis, that takes into account not only the physical, but simultaneously the biochemical and subtle energy aspects of your bodies need. It an therefore integrate all aspects of life and improve your development in all areas such as health, relationships, business, and even they understanding of your own spiritual journey. Based on thousands of years old ancient eastern wisdom, holistic techniques integrated with modern methods to implement these profound modalities helps give you the best possible alternative care for your needs. using, tai shin, accupressure, kinesiology, advance neuro goal setting, high sport performance coaching skills and much more to enahnce every aspect of your lifes modern day journey.

Amazing! Incredible! I can hardly believe it, you saved me… are the common remarks we hear from our new clients.


Kinesiology and more

Kinesiology cannot only help solve health problems, but can raise your general health and immunity levels to prevent future problems. Once you are back to normal health kinesiology can be used as a preventative.

Because it works at a system level rather than by dulling the symptoms here is but a partial list of the sort of things that Kinesiology should be able to help you with:

backache, allergies, dyslexia, headaches, arthritis, poor co-ordination, joint problems, asthma, hyperactivity, muscle pain, flatulence, poor concentration, injury trauma, constipation, learning blocks, lymphatic drainage, eczema, improved memory, hiatus hernia, skin problems, emotional trauma, pre-menstrual syndrome, Candida, low immunity, thrush, phobias, hay fever, depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety, irritable bowel, exam nerves, fibromyalgia, diarrhoea, public speaking. over/under weight, migraines, the menopause and many other complaints.

Structural Imbalance

Muscles hold your bones and joints in place. If the muscles of one side of the neck, knee or lower back are weak it is obvious that there will be joint instability. This causes joint fatigue, pain, easy injury and, eventually, joint disease. Almost all joints of the body can be involved, including the entire spine, shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, wrists ankles etc.

Nutrition, chemical reactions, allergies and sensitivities

Nutritional factors can have an immediate effect on the appropriate muscle strength. For example, if a muscle associated through the meridian system with the liver is weak and the body is deficient in vitamin A, exposure to Vitamin A or even a fresh carrot will cause immediate and dramatic strengthening of the muscle. Conversely, if the liver is having difficulty in handling a chemical such as an artificial sweetener, a strong muscle associated with the liver will weaken on exposure to the sweetener.

Emotional factors

Using Kinesiology based concepts, and neuroscience, such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotional Stress Release, Neuro Energetic Emotional Release, and other processes such as Neuro Linguistic Programming Neuro Emotional Pathways it is possible to diffuse emotional factors quickly and gently, and without having to “dig into the dirt”.  We are also able to check which particular emotion that needs re-patterning, such as fear, panic, play, care, rage, re-patterning new thoughts at the same time towards your goals.

Energetic Factors Psychic Protection: It is just a Matter of Light

This takes into consideration correcting the bodies imbalances via the chakras, auras, kundalini, Nadi system, genetics, astrology, neurology, emotion, hormones accupressure points, sleep dreams, entities, “evil eye”using Dr Charles Krebs based on models from Quantum Mechanics to Metaphysics, from an understanding of the primary Energetic Systems of the Human Body from the ancient Yogic and Chinese texts to modern Chaos Theory, including a model of Energetic Interactions between Man and his energetic environment.

Balancing Human Energetic Structures –our Multi-Dimensional Body &
The Primary Energy Systems of Human Body:
The Chakra-Nadi System,
The Acupuncture Meridian System & Tibetan Figure Energy System.
Chaos Theory and Self-Organisation in Biological Systems: The Basis of Healing.
The Generalised Adaptation Syndrome (GAS):
Blocking of Healing Energy & the Nature of Physiological Compensation.

States of Muscle Response and Downloading Powers of Stress.
Aligning Your Aura: Energetic Body Alignment – Assessment & Correction.
The Theory of Energetic Fields and Energetic Interactions:
Intra-Personal Interactions; Inter-Personal Interactions & Personal-Alien Energy Interactions.
Balance Negative Energy Fields using Kinesiology: Acupressure, Flower Essences, Sound and Light and many more.

Neuro Balancing

The three survival mechanisms are feeding, fight/flight and reproduction. Tying them together is the limbic system which is the action of feeding neurologically suppresses the reproductive mechanism and vice versa, while fight and flight suppress both feeding and reproduction.

The feeding mechanism is the process by which we take energy from our food to enable us to do everything else, and includes the elimination of metabolic waste and toxins from the body. It therefore includes the digestive and urinary functions.

The fight/flight mechanism is designed to protect us by preparing the body to fight or run away. It includes the neurological functions that allow us to accommodate to gravity and body position, the reactive neural and muscle systems that allow us to move, the skeleton that supports us, the muscles of the jaw which also ‘arm’ the body for defence through the muscle system, the skull, the cranial and spinal dura and body fascia, the endocrine and circulatory systems of both blood and lymph, with particular emphasis on the adrenals.

In primitive man this fight/flight mechanism was switched off by the action of fighting or fleeing. These days most of us neither fight nor actively flee so that this mechanism is rarely completely switched off and so suppression of feeding and reproduction continues to some extent.

The reproduction mechanism involves the pelvic and neck centring reflexes, the endocrine system, and the reproductive glands, and again certain muscular and neurological functions of the jaw.

The limbic system is a mixture of the fundamental human emotions, the immune response and cellular repair, growth and reproduction.

There is a definite conservation of energy system in place at all times, turning one part up while another is turned down. Some circuits such as the jaw (TMJ) and the adrenal/thyroid relationship are used over and over again in different contexts. The three basic survival mechanisms of feeding, fight / flight and reproduction involve every part of the brain and body and you cannot do something to one part of the body/ mind without affecting another part. The N.O.T. approach is therefore, above all, holistic.

This approach is drug free and all corrections are by hand. It combines:

The organisational effects of correcting the centring and righting reflex systems, together with any neurological defects showing through the general displacement of the cranial bones and jaw.

– The correction of the specific cranial and eye muscle faults found in all neurological dysfunction.

– the identification and elimination of allergic reactions and other dysfunctions found in the limbic, immune and endocrine systems to remove any blockages in feeding process,

– The identification and diffusion of any emotional blockages.

This leads to a reversal of the problems found in all types of conditions.

More often than not, symptoms begin to disappear as early as the first treatment.

Naturally, in many cases a series of treatments may be necessary to refine and stabilise the initial corrections. However no one has to wait a long time to know that changes have been made and that normal function is being, or has been, established. The number of treatments will. naturally, vary with the individual and the problem.

In most cases, further treatment is unnecessary. However some things that can cause destabilisation and a return of some of the symptoms. These could include high fevers, emotional and physical trauma, in particular head injuries. After such an event it would be wise to return for a full evaluation. A further consideration is that research is ongoing and treatment is continuously being refined and improved.


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