Energetic Structure of Us and the Universe

Level - 2 Theory & Practical

This Level 2 workshop continues with the theory from Level 1. Here you will Learn the Model of the Enegertic Interactions, between oursleves and other People, their Energetic Environment.  You will also learn effective procedures to Balance these negative Enegertic Interactions using Corrections that are based on Energetic Kinesiology Skills and Procedures. 

What you will learn:

States of Muscle Response and Downloading Powers of Stress.
Aligning Your Aura: Energetic Body Alignment – Assessment & Correction.
The Theory of Energetic Fields and Energetic Interactions:
Intra-Personal Interactions; Inter-Personal Interactions & Personal-Alien Energy Interactions.
Balance Negative Energy Fields using Kinesiology: Acupressure, Flower Essences, Sound and Light.
Psychic Protection: It is just a Matter of Light.

General Pre-requisites

Specific Pre-requisites – Part 2:  Days 3 & 4 includes both the Theory & Practice of Kinesiology balancing of Energetic Interactions both within and between people, and their environment, and includes Effective Techniques to Balance all their types of Energetic Interactions.

Kinesiology Pre-requisites: TFH 1- 3; Hyperton-X 1 & 2; Kinergetics 1 to 4; Applied Physiology, or other basic Kinesiological Systems, and some type of Core Emotional Balancing Skills such as  Flower Essence Training or Basic or Advanced One Brain, or other Kinesiology Training using Finger Modes (Digital Determinators) & Pause Lock (Circuit Retaining Mode). Ability to perform Basic Emotional balancing is highly recommended. LEAP Brain Integration 1 is highly Recommended as Survival Switching presented in LEAP BI provides access to Deep Subconscious Amygdala Survival Programs

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