Energetic Structure of Us and the Universe

Level - 1 Theory

This workshop is an exploration of the Energetic Structure of both Human and the Universe in which we live, created by Dr Charles Krebs. Energetic Medicine presumes an underlying energetic structure from which physical reality becomes manifest in our three-dimensional; the reality perceived by our physical senses. The questions arises

“What is the nature of this ‘Energetic Structure’?”
“How does this reality interact with Man?” And,
“How does this energetic structure relate to “Healing”
and the natural order of the World in which we live?”

This workshop provides a model of Energetic Reality based on models from Quantum Mechanics to Metaphysics, from an understanding of the primary Energetic Systems of the Human Body from the ancient Yogic and Chinese texts to modern Chaos Theory, including a model of Energetic Interactions between Man and his energetic environment.

What you will learn:

Standard Model of Quantum Mechanics & The Science of Metaphysics – A New Model of Physics.
Human Energetic Structures –our Multi-Dimensional Body &
The Primary Energy Systems of Human Body:
The Chakra-Nadi System,
The Acupuncture Meridian System & Tibetan Figure Energy System.
Chaos Theory and Self-Organisation in Biological Systems: The Basis of Healing.
The Generalised Adaptation Syndrome (GAS):
Blocking of Healing Energy & the Nature of Physiological Compensation.

States of Muscle Response and Downloading Powers of Stress.
Aligning Your Aura: Energetic Body Alignment – Assessment & Correction.
The Theory of Energetic Fields and Energetic Interactions:
Intra-Personal Interactions; Inter-Personal Interactions & Personal-Alien Energy Interactions.
Balance Negative Energy Fields using Kinesiology: Acupressure, Flower Essences, Sound and Light.
Psychic Protection: It is just a Matter of Light.

General Pre-requisites

This course is certified by APKE (Asociación de Profesionales de Kinesiología y TFH de España – Energetic Structure of sur Humano by Dr Charles Krebs)
For anyone interested in learning more about the basis of Energetic Medicine.
Days 1 & 2 are basically theory explaining the basis of Energy Medicine, so
anyone who works in any type of
Energetic Healing will find this information Captivating!

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