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Eastern Ancient Holistic Sciences Embracing Modern Physiological Quantum Sciences

"AIESP Empowering you with Energetics"

AIESP educates and trains, people from all backgrounds, healers, alternative pracitioners, sports therapists,  and those who are just curious to learn holistic energetic practicies.  We teach a vast array of Eastern holistic methods from the ancient Indian, Chinese, Middle East and West that work with the body on all levels, to bring it back to balance.

Mila Godwill BSc Hons founder and trainer has been teaching since 1999 London UK. We teach the fundemantal basis that each treatment is individual becuase there is no one like you and learn how to treat the core symptom itself.


So what do you want to do better? Is it something physical? Get rid of aches, pains and fatigue, aid Beauty Therapy? Or excel in performance of some type of sporting, academic or artistic? Perhaps it might be better business performance, or easier personal relationships? Whatever it is, it is bound to be affected by your stress levels.

A systems level approach on a holistic basis, and takes into account not only the physical, but simultaneously the biochemical and subtle energy aspects of our being. It an therefore integrate all aspects of life and improve our development in all areas. Amazing! Incredible! I can hardly believe it, … are the common remarks we hear from new clients.

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