About Us

About us

AIESP, was established in 2009, engaged teaching world class training in Be Spoke Energetic Science based therapy.  Main focus is on Quantum Energetic’s, Kinesiology, Acupressure, encompassing knowledge of vast array of Eastern holistic methods from the ancient Indian, Chinese, Middle East and West working with the body on all levels to bring it back to balance.

Courses that NRC will be listed such as the Energetic Structure of Human and the Universe by Dr Charles Krebs, (Applied Physiology of Melbourne.


AIESP dedication to the pursuit of excellence is constantly expanding its course structure to giving you the most upto date information where possible.

The courses teach a systems level approach on an holistic basis, and takes into account not only the physical, quantum, but simultaneously the biochemical and subtle energy aspects of our being. It an therefore integrate all aspects of life and improve our development in all areas. Amazing!  Incredible! I can hardly believe it, you saved me… are the common remarks we hear from new students and clients.


A non intrusive and gentle therapy that is distinguished by its use of subtle muscle monitoring to discover in what way the body, mind and its energies are under stress.

Energetic Structure of Human & The Universe

This workshop is an exploration of the Energetic Structure of both Man and the Universe in which he lives. Energetic Medicine presumes an underlying energetic structure from which physical reality becomes manifest in our three-dimensional reality perceived by our physical senses. But, “What is the nature of this ‘Energetic Structure’?” “How does this reality interact with Man?” And, “How does this energetic structure relate to “Healing” and the natural order of the World in which we live?”


Chips for Chakra!

This course developed by Mila Royale Godwill & Akury Germany using the Chakra Chips looks at the state of each chakra and how we associate ourselves through these energy points into the world . You will learn the 3 sates of chakra imbalances and how meditation with the Chips can create an inner state of balance. No previous training required!

Pain Relief with SCENAR RITM devices

What is SCENAR? SCENAR is an acronym for Self-Controlled Energo Neuro adaptive regulator. It represents a new approach, which marries orthodox Western medical practice, electronic technology with the traditional knowledge of Chinese Acupuncture and the Far East.

How does it work? The SCENAR is entirely noninvasive. It is a biofeedback device involving no drugs and no surgery and is operated by placing the device directly on the skin, where it collects electro-magnetic signals that are modified and sent back to the body teaching it to heal itself.


We’ve poured our hearts into our work, and our hope all of our guests can experience it fully.  Contact us for your interest so we can keep you updated.

Online Training

We are happy to announce that online training will be available to our most popular courses, so you may enjoy learning at your own pace in the comfort of your own environment.

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