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Creating Balance through Energy - In Yourself and Others

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AIESP is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and to delivering leading Energetic Practices globally.  Since 2004, we have teaching globally for those who strive to reach the realm of energetic science understanding both philosophically and practically.

The Academy, teaches certified training in Kinesiology courses by Dr Charles Krebs (Harvard research scientist and university lecturer, Melbourne Applied Physiology), Neuro Energetic Science Coursese, NK Institute Australia,  Personal SCENAR authorized trainer by RITM of Russia.

Attend our tailored events, learn about the bodies Quantum Energetic Structure and how we interact with the Universe.  Push the boundaries of your knowledge with programs discussing the multi dimension body and primary energy systems of the body such as The Chakra’s, The Nadi System, Aura’s, The Acupuncture Meridian System, Tibetan Energy System, and much more. Enter the world of amazing possibilities and expand your knowledge to enrich your everyday life personally and professionally.

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Physical, Mental, Emotional & Energetic Bodies!

Kinesiology, aims to identify neurological dis-organisation between parts of the brain and between the brain and body which, when corrected, will lead to better function and performance.

Since the nerves control body functions, including all major systems, Kinesiology is a practical method of evaluating the nerves in the body, including the autonomic nervous system which controls the organs and glands of the body.

As Kinesiology deals specifically with the integration of the nervous system and body functions it is ideally suited to helping the body heal itself.

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Why do we do what we do? What is the main purpose in life? how can we lead a more fulfilled life without mirroring anyone? In these events we explore Science of the ancient wisdom from east to current modern model of neuroscience and quantum energetic sciences.

By having a deeper understanding as to why we do what we are doing and at what state it is working at we are able to clear deep rooted fears, self-sabotage programs and other non constructive behavioral patterns. Here you will have a chance to reflect and learn which types of belief system need to be changed. habits and beliefs to avoid and which ones to take more of,  changes if any that need to be made to lead a healthy lifestyle suited to your very individual needs.

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Graduate Ensemble Makes Headlines in "The Philadelphia Story"

Following November’s sold-out run of The Three Sisters, our last year graduates and friends will present The Philadelphia Story in Classico Theatre at Playhouse Square for 11 performances only, September 25 – October 7, 2015. Written by Philip Barry and directed by Jerrold Scott, this sparkling American comedy of manners closes the season for the Classico Class of 2016.…

The North American Theatre Festival will take place in Florida

Meghan, who’s been a good friend for years and was featured in as many as 7 of our music videos, decided to join us once more, this time while we were touring the San Francisco Bay area. Incredibly talented and well-known for her unique range of voice, Meghan did… While it seems to be a no-brainer that it makes…

Laura Kepley Named Classico Artistic Director

Whether it is a new fan, a big fan club, someone from New York, Ottawa or Warsaw, we always dedicated a little bit of our spare time to answering your hottest questions! This time, we’ll start by reciting the most fun question we’ve received this week. It was John from Rome, who… While it seems to be a no-brainer…



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