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Learn Quantum Mechanics in Energetic Medicine

Do you want to manage PAIN?

One Day Workshop

Learn how to use SCENAR (Self Controlled Neuro Adaptive Regulator).  Propbably one of the mose advanced pieces of pain relief technology today.  It is a small hand held device that sends electrical impulses accross the nervious system to promote the natural healing in our body.  Join us in a one day  Workshop.

Do you want to Learn

Multi - Dimensional Body

ESU 1 – This workshop is an exploration of our Energetic Structure and the Universe in which we live.  A chance to learn about our Multi-Dimensional Body and the science of Metaphysics behind it. Level 1, No pre-requisites required.

Kinesiology Courses and More

Chakra & Relationships

Knowing what you want

Carnival Night
Ambient Disco
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A New Model Of Physics

Chaos Theory and Self-Organisation in Biological Systems for Healing

Energetic & Vitality Balance With

Akury Information Chips

Akury Information Chips aid the energetic balance and the organism’s/your vitality using specified wave transfer. Just imagine being able to influence your mood, your well-being and your performance directly. Wouldn’t that be amazing. Shop now for practitioner and personal sets.

One Day Workshop

Helping Yourself

Mila Godwill gives tips and training for balancing your bodies energy system. A systems level approach on a holistic basis, and takes into account not only the physical, but simultaneously the biochemical and subtle energy aspects of our being.

"It's Amazing! It's Incredible!"​

bio energetic practitioner

Akury information Chips  – Special Sets!

Academy International Energetic Science Practices

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